Be Kwik About it Video #2!

Do you have trouble remembering names? Do you have 27 minutes that you can invest to help you learn how to remember? If you have the time, stop reading my blog and click on the link to Jim Kwik’s second video.  However, if you don’t have 27 minutes to watch a video on remembering names, then let me break it down for you.

Remember Be SUAVE!

S: Say the person’s name after they say it, so you hear it twice (once from them and once from you) to ensure you heard it correctly. Example:

  • Tina: Hi, I’m Tina.
  • Jim:  Hi, Tina. Nice to meet you!

U:  Use their name intelligently in the conversation about 3 or 4 times.  Don’t overly say the name. Use it in the context of the conversation.    

  • Jim: Can I get you a drink, Tina?

A: Ask the person about themselves. Example:

  • Jim: Tina, were you named after someone in your family? Is it short for Christina?

V: Visualize the name.  Think in pictures. TIP= Turn Into Pictures. Example:

  • Jim rhymes Tina with ballerina. He decides to imagine Tina as a ballerina on her toes.

E: End the conversation by saying the person’s name.

  • Jim: “Tina, it was wonderful to meet you. Have a nice day!”


You have 6 seconds to do something with a person’s name when you meet them or it will be GONE from your memory.

Be SUAVE and you’ll be the hit of the party!

Here’s the link to Jim’s video. Watch it, learn it, share it.


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