Food for Your Brain


Check out a video on the “Top 5 Foods for Brain Health”  from

If you don’t have 10 minutes to watch and learn from Sean Croxton and Christa Orecchio, here’s what I learned.

Top 5 Foods

Turmeric-  Curcumin is the active ingredient in this yellow spice.

Coconut Oil- Make sure it is organic, unrefined, and extra-virgin.

Ashwagandha- Technically an herb.  Powerful antioxidant.

Organ Meats- Think liver! Also available in pill form. Try Radiant Life’s Desiccated Liver pills.

Gelatin- Try Great Lakes Gelatin (sold on Amazon in a green container) because it is sourced from grass-fed beef. It helps with anxiety and insomnia.

Also consume:


Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Let me know if you make a meal and it includes all these brain-boosting foods!

Find other good information on brain health at!


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  1. thanks for the summary!


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