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Your Brain will Love the London Symphony Orchestra

My love of opera started in the 6th grade.

One of my best friends and I purchased tickets, at a student-rate, to a series of operas that included Don Giovanni and La Traviata.  I remember being mesmerized each time and eagerly awaiting the next opera (some seemed quite bizarre).

Most of the time my mom attended with us, but I also remember that once my grandma (not my grandma with Alzheimer’s, see previous post “Happy Birthday, Grandma!”) took us.  She kept nodding off and then waking up every now and then to offer us more tick-tacks (mints). I marveled at how she could fall asleep when Don Giovanni was being sent to hell? 

There was no way I was falling asleep.  The music, lights, performers, orchestra, and subtitles all worked together seamlessly to provide novelty.

Have you listened to an orchestra lately? Perhaps your brain is looking for something new? Try checking out the London Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Ravel’s Bolero. http://play.lso.co.uk

You can listen to Ravel’s Bolero, watch the orchestra in HD from varied camera angles, read biographies, and take masterclasses– all for free!

My brain is pretty happy right now!


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