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Helping My Brain Stay “Kwik”

Paths to New LearningWas it brain nutrients or brain protection that was rolling on the floor?

Recently, I was trying to recall what I learned from one of Jim Kwik’s videos posted in October 2013. The video gave insight on 10 ways to help keep the mind sharp and focused.  I clicked on the video link I had posted on my blog, but the site had expired.  Of course, I could always sign up for one of Jim Kwik’s courses and pay the big  bucks, but I am all about inexpensive learning (preferably free!).  So in an effort to relearn what I learned, here are my “notes” from memory!

In the beginning of the video, Jim was talking to his audience while driving.  When he parked his car he ended up at an office building.   (I was multitasking at the time and didn’t have time to sit still, close my eyes while I listened, or take notes).

Jim proceeded to use an ancient Greek memorization process that links words/ideas to rooms/places to help his listeners memorize 10 key items for brain health.

First Jim parked his car and said to visual a whole buffet of food in the parking lot. This represented DIET.

Next he asked listeners to picture themselves going over a bridge and this represented the act of squashing A.N.Ts or AUTOMATIC NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.

After this he said to picture going up in an elevator as a way of introducing the concept of EXERCISE.

Once out of the elevator, you picture pills rolling around on the floor and this represented BRAIN NUTRIENTS.

Then you open the custodial closet and inside it are your POSITIVE PEERS.

Next you walk to the receptionist’s desk and the receptionist is cleaning her work station. This represented a CLEAN ENVIRONMENT.

Behind the receptionist, you see fish in a tank and they are sleeping (SLEEP).

Next you put on a helmet and try to crash through a conference room door.  Hence, BRAIN PROTECTION.

In the conference room, someone is writing on a white board. This scene represented NEW LEARNING.

Lastly, someone was working on a bonsai tree in the corner of the room and this stood for STRESS MANAGEMENT.

Here’s the summary of the 10 keys to brain health from Jim Kwik’s video:

1. Diet

2. Squashing Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.Ts).

3. Exercise

4. Brain Nutrients

5. Positive Peers

6. Clean Environment

7.  Sleep

8.  Brain Protection

9. New Learning

10. Stress Management

I’ve sure you’ve heard most of these listed as essential to your brain health at some point.  Why not use the Greek’s “Method of Loci” to help you remember them?

How’d I do, Jim? Was I “Kwik” enough?

By: Tina Davidson


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