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Two Products My Brain Would Agree to Give Awards To

DishwasherTwo weeks ago, Parade, published their winners for “The Product of the Year Awards!”

Here’s the two products that I would give a thumbs-up to from their 23 picks (note: I am not “sponsored” by any companies):

1.  Le Savonnier ­Marseillais All-Purpose Soap

First, let me state that I’ve never used this soap. I’m basing my opinion solely on what I’ve read about the soap and checked out online.  This soap does not contain dyes and seems to contain a minimal amount of “safer” preservatives. I give it a thumbs-up since they offer a fragrance free option and say, “Way to go, Le Savonnier Marseillais!”

Their all-purpose soap sounds great and has really pretty packaging, but for now I will be sticking with my go-to-soap, Dr. Brooner’s Magic Soap, specifically the Baby-Mild Liquid Unscented Soap (certified fair-trade and organic).  I steer clear of products with fragrances since my household is allergic to most chemical and natural fragrances.  This soap is great for sensitive skin.  I mix it with water in a foaming hand soap dispenser to make it last longer.  This is a big plus since I have children who can be a bit overzealous when pumping soap.

2. Finish Quantum Power & Free

I must admit I use Finish products- A LOT! I use my dishwasher at least 7 times a week.  When I bought my dishwasher five years ago, I consulted Consumer Reports on which dishwasher to purchase and what dish washing detergent worked best.  I believe they recommended Finish Powerball tabs.  I was delighted with the clean dishes and even happier when I found out Costco sold the tabs in bulk.  Once my husband bought another brand on sale at Costco and it was a lemon-flavored dish-coated disaster after the first load.  He quickly returned the lemon goo and went back to Finish Powerball formula.

The Finish’s product that was picked for Parade’s list, Quantum Power and Free, contains no chlorine bleach and fewer fragrances and dyes. I wish there were no fragrances and dyes instead of fewer! (Anyone have a recommendation for one that doesn’t have these ingredients but actually works?)  Finish is giving away free samples, so I’m going to give them a try and see if I notice a difference in my dishes.

Until I find the perfect tabs, or get rid of my dishwasher (because of the scary amount of tabs I’ve used in the last five years!), I give a thumbs-up to the product engineers at Finish for trying to improve!

Do dyes in soaps help them clean better?

Do dyes in soaps help them clean better?

What about the other 21 products listed in Parade?

I’m going to keep this post positive so I won’t voice my thoughts on the other 21 products.

Check them out for yourself and let me know which product selections  you agree with!  Do you see any patterns from the list in terms of what Americans’ brains prefer? (hum.. convenience food? candy? soda? video games?)

What are the best products for your brain?

I believe the best products for your brain are the ones that are free of dyes and other types of chemicals/preservatives.  I’ve mentioned super brain foods and super brain drinks on my blog, but sometimes the “best-for-your-brain product” is the actual product of your actions.  This is the case when it comes to the benefits associated with exercise and socializing.  It doesn’t cost any money to take off your shoes and go for a walk on the beach or play a board game with your grandchildren.  Don’t be swayed by flashy marketers pushing their best brain supplements.  Do your research, stay active, eat in moderation, get enough sleep, consume healthy fruits and vegetables, try new things, and keep social connections.  Also, make sure to keep your environment clean and as chemical free as possible.

It may seem overwhelming if you are not doing these things I’ve mentioned, but focus on just one area of your life to improve at a time.  You may not win any awards, but if you continue to pay attention to what’s best for your brain you won’t regret it!

I give you a thumbs-up for trying!

By: Tina Davidson


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