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Oysters on the Brain

I am not a fan of oysters.  Are you? They don’t look or taste appealing to me.

For those of you who aren’t fans but can get past their texture, they are a good source of zinc and iron.

I was trying to find a study that linked oysters to brain health.  Chris Kessler’s website uses a research-based functional medicine approach to health and in one of his articles he lists the benefits of oysters in their role in supporting healthy skin. (Zinc, found in oysters and other food, has anti-inflammatory effects and that has to be good for all parts of your body, not just your skin!). Here’s the link to Chris’s article– http://chriskresser.com/nutrition-for-healthy-skin-part-1

If you know of a recent study that directly links oysters with brain health, let me know.  I may have to cast aside my fears and try them for the sake of my brain!

Until then, you can enjoy an outdoor event on the Central Coast of California where oysters will abound. http://centralcoastoysterfestival.com/the-festival/

2nd Annual Central Coast Oyster  & Music Festival

Saturday, October 19, 2013

12- 8 p.m.

Morro Bay, California

Visit http://centralcoastoysterfestival.com/the-festival/ for more information.

My son’s Montessori school, part of the Family Partnership Charter School, will have a booth at the festival with hands-on activities in science and art. Form some new neural pathways with the Montessori method. Tell them Tina sent you!

Have fun and explore! Your brain will love you for it!!


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