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Makeup and Your Brain


What is it?

It is a process where chemicals build up in your body over time.  Some of these chemicals could affect your brain function.

Perhaps you’ve been using the same brand of makeup for over 20 years. Did you ever stop to read the list of ingredients? It may have miniscule amounts of naturally occurring metals that can build up in your system over time.  Some of them, like lead, are actually neurotoxins, and should be avoided.

You can get a crash course on toxicology on California’s new website, California State Cosmetics Program Product Database.  Although I’m curious who or what group lobbied for this new database, I’m excited that it exposes potentially hazardous ingredients in cosmetics to consumers.  Hopefully, Californians will then pressure manufacturers to use safer ingredients.  Prior to my knowledge of this new database, I used (and still reference) the Environmental Working Group’s website, Skin Deep, to learn more about harmful ingredients in cosmetics.

When I checked out California’s site and searched for “lead,” about fourteen products containing lead were listed. (I’m guessing there are more products out there containing lead but aren’t listed in the database.)  One product, a “therapeutic” skin-moisturizer contained lead, mercury, and arsenic. I’m unaware of how mercury, lead, and arsenic moisturize, but remembering back to my 7th grade science project, Lead in Water, I am aware that the ingestion of lead can cause neurological damage and other ill effects.

It is difficult to assess how all the chemicals in makeup, shampoo, deodorants, shaving cream, etc. are affecting people because each person uses their own “concoction” of offenders over different periods of time with each individual having different chemical sensitivities.  This would be a tough study to undertake because there are so many variables.

So, to be safe, read labels and check out databases if you are unsure of any ingredient.  This is  something in your power to control and your brain needs all the protection it can get!

Let me know what you find! Did an ingredient in your mascara, shampoo, or soap make you think twice about using it again?

By: Tina Davidson


Seems the issue of cosmetics and side effects still under debate as of 6.28.17



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