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The Ocarina and the Brain

My brain is fascinated by new things and loves music. How about yours?

I think the ocarina is my favorite “new” (yet very old) instrument.  St. Louis Ocarina has taken an instrument which dates back thousands of years and freshened up its look.  Now you can find an ocarina shaped like a ladybug or a teacarina, an ocarina shaped like a tea cup.  Why not have some tea and play some music, right? (I will post about the benefits linked to tea consumption and brain health later.)

St. Louis Ocarina’s newest line to be released includes officially licensed Marvel superhero ocarinas. After viewing the pictures, I think the Spiderman or the Thor one would be my top Marvel comic picks. Are you curious to see what a Spiderman ocarina looks like? Check out The St. Louis Ocarina website and watch some videos of ocarinas being played if you have never heard its flute-like melodies before.

So how does playing an ocarina benefit your brain?

There is a Fox News clip posted on the St. Louis Ocarina site that discusses the benefits of music education. Here are the top benefits:

  • Promotes Problem Solving
  • Teaches Focus and Discipline
  • Maximizes Memory
  • Develops an “I can do” Attitude

Although the  benefits of music education mentioned in the video were geared towards children, everyone’s brain can benefit from tools that help maximize memory.  It is never too late for the brain to change.

Have you ever heard of or followed the work of Dr. Gordon Shaw? He conducted studies using music to learn about higher brain function. His book, “Keeping Mozart in Mind- Volume 1,” looks like a good read.  Scientists are still in debate over what he and fellow researchers dubbed the “Mozart Effect.”

Here’s a link to a video of Papageno’s Song from the Magic Flute written by Mozart and played on a STL Florentine Ocarina.

I hope you are taking time to enjoy some music– whether it is played on a Zelda ocarina or another instrument of your choice! It is a great way to reduce stress and maintain a healthy brain.

Author: Tina Davidson


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