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Creating Neural Pathways with the Montessori Method

I found a great site, Montessori for Everyone, and I was especially interested in the blog post titled, “The Neurology of Montessori.”

Just as Jim Kwik mentions in his Kwik Learning mini-series,, Montessori for Everyone’s post also attributes optimized learning to a hand-to-brain connection (read full post here

Jim Kwik talked about the importance of adults taking notes when listening/learning (Video 4) and using your finger under a reading line to boost your reading speed (Video 3).

Children in a Montessori classroom use their hands to manipulate objects, such as small wood letters for reading, and beads for math.  Students’ brains soak up what they are learning by repetition.  Also, their mirror neurons are taking in what others are doing and learning by example.  (If you aren’t familiar with mirror neurons yet, I will fill you in on that fascinating topic in a future post.)

Perhaps you have a child, friend, cousin, niece, etc. who would benefit from a Montessori education? Or perhaps it is time you tried this approach to learning?

It is never too late to learn. We know this thanks to the science of neuroplasticity!

E.D. Alphabet Age 5

E.D. Alphabet
Age 5


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October 11, 2013 · 10:26 pm

Email Re: Don’t Miss: Art of Healthy Aging Fall 2013

Email Re: Don't Miss: Art of Healthy Aging Fall 2013

Bowers Museum, located in Santa Ana, Ca, is offering an amazing lecture series. If you love art and you love your brain, you should check it out! The visit may even make your brain healthier.

Below is information from an email sent by Bowers Museum about the series:

SUNDAY | September 29

Why Creativity Matters: Art in the Brain, the Brain in Art

Presenters: Dr. William R. Shankle, M.D. with Junko Hara, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor, OCVBAP.

Fun brain exercise included.

SUNDAY | October 27

Seeing Life Through the Lens

Presenter: John M. Stephens, Lifetime Achievement award-winning cinematographer, Director of Photography, with over 50 years experience on over 100 films including classic racing film Grand Prix, Titanic, E.T., and more.

Hands-on workshop follows.

SUNDAY | November 24

Exploring the Chuck Jones Side of the Brain

Presenters: Marian Jones, Craig Kausen, Linda Jones-Clough. A glimpse into the genius mind of Chuck Jones, presented by the family.

Hands-on drawing workshop follows.

Check out their website for more information.

If you go, let me know how it was!

*Featured artwork by E.D., age 6

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September 23, 2013 · 4:37 am