Jim Kwik’s Video #4- Tips to Unlease Your Superhero Mind

I wasn’t completely “present” as Jim suggested when watching his last video. Instead, I was ironing fabric and working on a sewing project (multitasking!), so I had to go back and watch it again. Here are my final notes on Jim Kwik’s last video  (http://kwiklearning.com/mini/videos/):

The art of memory is F.A.S.T!

F- Forget. Focus on the task at hand and be present.

A- Active. Show up and play full out.

S- State dependent. All learning is state dependent. Take deep breaths and move.

T- Take notes.

Jim’s tips for taking notes:

First draw a line down the page.  One the left side of the paper write “Capture” and on right side of the paper write “Create.” On the Capture side you analyze information and on the Create side you use your creativity in how you will use the information (use symbols).

One-third of your brain performance is biological. That means, two-thirds is in your control.

Check out the book, “Use Your brain to Change Your Age!”, by Daniel G. Amen M.D.

Stay hydrated! Your body and brain need water. Don’t forget to breathe and stay present.

Use GPS to accomplish your goals!

G- Goal (Share your goal. How is learning going to help you accomplish your goal? What do you want?)

P- Purpose (Why do you want this?)

S- Strategy (How you will you accomplish your goal?)

Make a bucket list and then use a M.A.P (Mental Action Plan!).

You have to be motivated and be teachable for success.

Elements in your M.A.P should R.A.I.S.E.!

R- Role Model. Watch a genius and model them.

A- Accountability. Many people have a dream and don’t have a time-frame or someone to hold them accountable in achieving it.

I- Immersion. Put in your 10,000 hours of effort.

S- Space Repetition. You want to immerse yourself in the information and spread it out by following-up on the information every couple days. Interval training.

E- Engagement. Get involved and give it your all.

According to Jim Kwik, your brain doesn’t come with an owner’s manual and it isn’t always user-friendly.  Slow down and make your M.A.P., so you can remember the things that are most important to you!

Music is important to me. Check out the St. Louis Orchestra video, http://www.stlsymphony.org/,  “The St. Louis Symphony Story.” (The best friend I mentioned in my previous post, “Your Brain will Love the London Symphony Orchestra,” has a small appearance in the video.)

Follow your dreams! See what happens when you put yourself in the equation! You just might accomplish great things!


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